AssessPro’s enhanced GIS Viewer

Patriot Properties, Inc. AssessPro GIS Viewer is a GIS based CAMA tool that combines the latest ESRI Technology with the most powerful CAMA system available in the tax assessment industry. The GIS Viewer enables the user to easily integrate CAMA data with Map data for valuation analysis, data auditing, spatial presentations and spatial navigation of the CAMA system. Unlike other CAMA systems, the GIS Viewer is embedded in the CAMA product for a very tight integration between assessing functions and GIS functions. The GIS Viewer does not require any custom programming from your GIS vendor and gives the user an easy link to ArcView directly from AssessPro. As part of the implementation process Patriot will sync up the Parcel ID’s from AssessPro with the correct polygons on your map layers.

The Patriot GIS Viewer is embedded in Patriot’s AssessPro CAMA application for a tight integration. The user can quickly join CAMA data with map layer attributes through a simple, easy to use link through Microsoft SQL Server. Some of the distinguishing features of Patriot’s GIS Viewer are as follows:

One to many and many to one relationship accuracy for properties such as condominiums

GIS data fields are now located in the CAMA database for geo-referencing

Tabular CAMA data is available directly in the GIS Viewer

Parcels selected spatially from a map layer can be sent directly to the CAMA report module including abutters lists which can be generated in seconds

Features may be selected from different map layers by distance to select polygons such as “select all parcels from the parcel layer that are within 200 feet of easements that are located in the Right of Way layer”.

AssessPro with integrated GIS is a software application that uses GIS as a CAMA tool to assist with problems with data quality and consistency. The GIS Viewer enables the user to display any data in the CAMA database integrated with a map layer. Various data elements can be displayed using mouse over labeling, applied labels, and unique or graduated colors for each data element. Viewing this data spatially shows data inconsistencies and errors quickly as the labels or unique colors are easily identified when looking at a group of properties. Hollow building and parcel layers with outlines can be easily placed on top of aerial photo layers to identify missing and incomplete data.

The AssessPro GIS Viewer includes a mass CAMA data update function. The ESRI functionality present in ArcEngine is used to render and highlight a group of parcels and a tool was placed in the GIS Viewer that enabled the user to connect with any CAMA data field. We have written stored procedures which instantaneously apply the selected updated field to the corresponding field on the parcels rendered on the map layer. This saves a considerable amount of time doing data entry and is much more efficient and easier to use than our copy data function in the CAMA application. When the CAMA data is updated it can immediately be displayed by simply refreshing the map. We have similar functionality that will send a selected group of parcels directly to the CAMA application report engine.