Patriot Signs Agreement with Garfield County OK

The Great State of Oklahoma Welcomes Patriot

For over a year, the Patriot team has been working with Oklahoma counties to further enhance our design to customize our comprehensive suite of tools called PRO (Property Revenue Optimization) that offers local governments throughout the state of Oklahoma unmatched management of this critical information in an easy to use system that is also simple to administer.
Patriot Properties and Garfield County are pleased to have contracted for the continued development of this amazing system that will include our award winning GISPro geospatial data management tools for unparalleled processing of CAMA data throughout the county, SketchPRO for true Graphic data management that utilized GPS and photographic processing and will even incorporate an advanced damage assessment module for a comprehensive system that is a model for the region.
Rich in heritage, Garfield County, Oklahoma is one of those places where the strength of tradition and history mingle with the excitement of the present. In addition to agriculture, the county's economy has been also boosted by various industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, flour milling, Vance Air Force Base, and Northrop Worldwide Air Services.

Located in North-Central Oklahoma, the technical progress to provide convenience and confidence to citizens is a critical imperative to departments throughout the organization and Garfield County has taken the initiative that will ensure counties throughout the state will have a cutting edge system for managing critical property data that is customized to suit their unique needs.

Teamed with some of the most experienced and well respected personnel in the region, Patriot is focused on customizing the system so that it will work well for all of our customers across Oklahoma. Wade Patterson, Garfield County Assessor states that “of all of the software we’ve seen, Patriot’s PRO series is easily the best fit for us for the long term and their staff have proven to be an exceptional partner by understanding and incorporating our needs in detail.”
According to Jim McCathern, Patriot’s CEO, “working closely with folks throughout Oklahoma to build a system that has unprecedented technological tools that will make their data more accurate while simplifying routine duties and incorporating practical and useful tools will prove to be a model for all of Oklahoma and Patriot is proud to be of service to all of those who follow Garfield County’s leadership.”