AssessPro Support in Oklahoma Grows

The Patriot team has been working with Oklahoma counties to further enhance our design to customize our comprehensive suite of tools called PRO (Property Revenue Optimization) that offers local governments throughout the state of Oklahoma unmatched management of information in an easy to use system that is a model for Best Practices in CAMA.

Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma is working closely with the three other Oklahoma Counties who leverage AssessPRO’s technology to support a successful future for critical assessment data. The Patriot team and our County counterparts are in the process of configuring the software to meet all legislative requirements but with the ultimate goal of improving related business processes by developing a more standardized and comprehensive approach to CAMA information management. Full real and personal property valuation models, a tightly integrated GIS utility and an industry leading fully integrated sketch application are all included.

In fact, GISPro was recognized by ESRI as one of the most innovative uses of Geospatial technology in the industry and is fully embedded in AssessPRO for unmatched visual data processing, enabling Assessors offices to truly use GIS and CAMA as one unit for Full Service optimized management of this important source of revenue – all of which can provide critical information for emergency management planning, response and recovery.

Patriot Properties, Inc. is not only stable but growing, celebrating nearly 30 years as a software provider and we are very proud of our well established track record managing and supporting unique practices and taxation laws along with building a strong user group to fully support their entire staff for many years to come.
According to Troyce King, Pottawatomie County Assessor “We are fortunate to have this opportunity to be involved and utilize the Oklahoma Support Group’s extensive expertise, experience and knowledge to immediately benefit our county as well as the many others that will follow in the immediate future to the benefit of everyone involved.”

Jim McCathern, Patriot’s CEO included “We are fully prepared to make this project successful at every level and stand ready to support all Oklahoma Counties now - and well into the future. Patriot is proud to be of service to all of those who follow these counties’ leadership.”