Patriot’s Oklahoma Leadership Team Adds a Partner

The Patriot team has been working with Osage County, Oklahoma to further enhance our design to customize our comprehensive suite of tools called PRO (Property Revenue Optimization) that provide counties throughout the state of Oklahoma unmatched management of this critical information in an easy to use system that is being developed as a model of efficiency for everyone involved.

One of the great strengths of this partnership with our many local customers is exemplified by Gail and her team of Assessor’s and support staff who performed extensive due diligence in the evaluation and committed to a provider and software that will best benefit the citizens of Oklahoma.

According to Gail Hedgcoth, Osage County Assessor, two term President of the Oklahoma Assessor’s Association and senior member of the Assessor’s Executive Board “the AssessPRO suite of tools paired with Patriot’s ability and impressive level of support gives counties like us the advantage of having affordable cutting edge technology that is configured to optimize our workflow – even in the event of an emergency.”

Joining Payne County, Garfield County and Pottawatomie County, Osage is collaboratively developing the requirements with Patriot Properties for a CAMA system that will equitably suit the varying needs of each county and for the State.

Full real and personal property valuation models, a tightly integrated GIS utility and an industry leading fully integrated sketch application are all included.
According to Jim McCathern, Patriot’s CEO, “It is an honor to be partnered with the team that we have across the state – Osage County’s active participation and input has cemented the foundation for a long and successful partnership to implement a CAMA solution that provides unparalleled service.”