AssessPro 5.0 - Real Estate and Personal Property


• Two tabs for Real Estate and Personal Property in one application.

• All years in one Database
• Change the year easily and have different look for each year (color)
• Data that does not change from year to year is not duplicated
• Take advantage of MS .NET framework
• Save occurs for current and all future years automatically, but with option to SAVE THIS YEAR ONLY and checks to see if data has already been changed in the future year.
• Better and more efficient audit handling
• Full security encryption
• No Values mixed with data
• Sketches and images in the database
• Common ownership handling for real and personal property
• Roll back changes
• Test calculate without committing
• Design will change from Screen based interface to Function based interface
• Performance tracking
• Task management (better workflow tools). Assign one task concerning many parcels in one action. Track results and progress.
• Building can have unlimited sections
• More use of models in real and personal property modules
• Role base security AND look and feel
• Powerful grids and entry directly in the grids. Multi level sort and filter on the grids.
• Uses ranges of number for situs locations. X, Y, Z coordinates in the locations table. Full situs in a table.
Project Implementation Overview

• Design all encompassing database with the understanding that it will evolve.
• Identify the various main functions or departments such as Land Records, Exemptions, Appeals, Appraisal, etc. Choose one that is fairly complex and build the UI, business rules and procedures to suit that function. Get approval on that piece and move to next.
• Design conversion into the steps above so staff will always be using their real data.