Patriot Signs City of Boston

Patriot Properties is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement to implement AssessPro AP5 as the CAMA application for the City of Boston Assessing Department. The agreement was reached in February, 2018 and two passes of converted data on the AssessPro AP5 application have been delivered for City review by June 15, 2018. The installation of AssessPro AP5 will enable the City Assessing staff to automate more of their valuation processes within the CAMA application and provide for more efficient workflow for the staff. The project will also include several integrations to various distinct City and Third- Party applications using AP5 as the central point of a fully integrated solution. As part of the project, Patriot will also include the installation of our ESRI award winning GIS Viewer.

Patriot CEO Jim McCathern commented “We are extremely proud to be working with Gayle Willett, Commissioner of Assessing and her staff on this important project. The City of Boston has been a Personal Property application client for many years and we are pleased to be expanding our partnership by adding the AP5 Real Property CAMA to the existing Personal Property application for a single integrated CAMA solution. Despite an ambitious project schedule, we are confident that our partnership with the City will result in a very successful project that will be completed on time and within budget. We look forward to working with the City of Boston on the Optimization Phase 2 of the project after AP5 goes into production. This will greatly enhance the Workflow capabilities of the City Assessing Staff while also extending the Workflow functionality in AP5”.

The City of Boston Assessing Department manages approximately 160,000 Real Estate Parcels from their Government Center offices in Boston City Hall.