AP5 Goes Live in Garfield, OK!

Garfield County, Oklahoma has completed their AP5 implementation and become the first county in Oklahoma to go live on Patriot Properties’ acclaimed CAMA software. The addition of Garfield County to the active roster of AP5 users expands the Patriot footprint to the great state of Oklahoma. AP5 is now the CAMA product of choice in jurisdictions ranging from the Northeast, Florida, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and now Oklahoma.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Garfield County and welcome them to the Patriot family. Patriot is particularly excited about its expansion into the Oklahoma market and with a number of currently working projects in the state, expects multiple more “go-live” Oklahoma announcements in the very near future.

Patriot Properties, Inc. is currently celebrating its 30th year as a CAMA provider. Our commitment to the assessing and appraisal professional remains as strong today as when we began in 1985. We will continue to strive to create a leading edge, stable platform for the Assessors to carry out their function in a precise and defensible format. AssessPro 5.0, known as AP5 is the dot.net version of our highly successful AssessPro Classic.

The transition to the .NET platform allows AP5 to present a powerful and robust graphical interface with seamless integration to the visual and spatial programs that are the future of the CAMA industry. As a leading developer of this technology, Patriot is well-suited to be the CAMA solution for jurisdictions transitioning from their legacy systems.