Patriot Signs Kent County DE

Patriot Properties is pleased to announce that, after a thorough public procurement process and careful evaluation, Kent County, Delaware has selected Patriot's AssessPro AP5 as the CAMA solution to meet their future business needs. The shared goal is to implement a flexible solution that is easy to operate when managing the critical taxpayer information administered by the Kent County Assessment Division. Kent County represents the first installation of AssessPro in the State of Delaware and we are pleased that our partnership with the County will enable Patriot to expand our presence in the Mid-Atlantic region. We look forward to working with other Mid-Atlantic jurisdictions in the future as our products and services have been well received during our presentations in the region.

Improving the efficiency of staff resources in the assessment process is a key benefit that this project will achieve. By utilizing the wide range of valuation and assessment tools at their disposal in AP5, the Kent County staff will have a powerful CAMA application to improve upon everyday processes.

One of the great benefits of implementing the AssessPro AP5 system is ensuring ownership of the application by the Kent County users. The streamlined installation process utilized for AssessPro will enable the County Assessment Division to automate more of their valuation processes within the CAMA application and provide for more efficient workflow for the staff. Kent County will have the added advantages of using our ESRI award winning GIS Viewer for even greater spatial evaluation and control of data.

According to Patriot CEO, Jim McCathern, "Due to the software's comprehensive functionality and the experience of the Patriot implementation teams working in partnership with the County, the project will begin in December, 2015 and a go live date is scheduled for January, 2017. Kent County can expect to realize significant advantages over their current processes and to make use of the rich features available with AssessPro AP5.