AssessPro’s Florida Footprint Grows

Monroe County, Florida is home to both the world renowned Everglades and the Keys, from the diving resorts of Key Largo to the infamous Key West. One of the County's premier destinations, the Keys have a resident population of nearly 100,000 with commercial infrastructure supporting up to 3 million visitors every year along with the Everglades covering over 4,000 square miles of natural resources. Additionally, with such a wide variety of property types throughout the county and the unique geography, Monroe required a comprehensive solution to easily maintain detailed information accurately that fully utilized geospatial integration.

The Assessor's Office worked with a nationally recognized consulting firm to assist them with the evaluation and selection of the best CAMA system in the Country to replace their aging NovaLIS software. Patriot Properties' AssessPRO V5 consistently outscored the competition in categories ranging from software and database design to corporate experience and support to unmatched GIS, mobile and imagery integration.

With Patriot's extensive experience with Florida legislation and our understanding of the unique demands of the Monroe County's Assessor's Office, the anticipated project efficiencies will lead to greatly improved business processes, better in depth training opportunities and a clear cost savings to the citizens of Monroe County as compared to the competition.

Scott Russell, Monroe County Assessor explained that; "We were greatly impressed with the Patriot team and AP5 software and are looking forward to a long and productive relationship with them and the many other AssessPRO users throughout the state and the rest of the country."

Patriot Properties, Inc. is not only stable but growing organically - this year we are celebrating 30 years as a proven CAMA provider and we are very proud of our well established track record managing and supporting unique practices and taxation laws and clients of all sizes. We are happy to add Monroe County to our rapidly growing user group and to fully supporting all of our users for many more years to come.