Patriot Properties, Inc., is proud to offer AssessPro to assessing offices across the USA. AssessPro is the most versatile and comprehensive assessing product available. It handles all types of properties in all size jurisdictions. Our current client base ranges from 500 parcels to over 300,000.

AssessPro is easy to learn & use because AssessPro is windows-based, the screens are easy and intuitive for people accustomed to Microsoft products.

AssessPro is compliant with statutory standards in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Alaska, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nevada, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Maine, Connecticut, Virginia, Mississippi & Vermont. Our ability to meet statutory requirements in your state is part of the strength and flexibility Patriot is known for.

AssessPro offers real estate and personal property software integrated in one package with complete analysis and reporting function. Photograph & document storage on a parcel level creates a complete picture of the account. Add-ons for Marshall-Swift costing and MRA model building using SPSS are available.

AssessPro calculates appraised and assessed values using the cost, market or income approach. All tables are user definable and the each value method is selectable on a parcel basis, a neighborhood basis, a property group or any subset selected.

AssessPro uses a powerful filter to reduce the size of your database. See only the parcels you want by setting filters to focus in on any subset of property. Filters can be used to create subset databases, reports, record review or print files, and to control GIS displays. Our filter is the most powerful tool in the CAMA market.

Patriot-PropertiesAssessPro graphical sketching is the finest in the industry. Customized sub areas with individual construction dates, ceiling heights & percent completion; all drawn with angles, angles-on-angles, arcs, colors & full portability to other applications, make SketchPro our crown jewel. The newest version is the finest available and it's simple to use.

AssessPro has embedded GIS links using ESRI tools. Geo Reference points can be attached to the property sketch for exact orientation of structures on the plot!

AssessPro offers two public access solutions. You can offer internet/intranet connectivity through WebPro or walk-in access through our Counter application. Either way, the client controls access and information.