AssessPro - Tablet PC

Patriot Properties, Inc., is pleased to announce the development of our newest product, AssessPro Tablet PC. This option allows for field data collection using a Tablet PC, or Convertible Laptop PC.

Utilizing a Tablet PC as a means of mobile data collection, data collectors are able to increase both efficiency and reliability. Integration and locking procedures will allow this lightweight PC to be removed from the docking station and used in the field without the need for re-entering either the data or the sketches. The Tablet PC provides all the benefits of a handheld device at less than 5 pounds in weight while still having full PC functionality both on the road and back at the office. These are good solutions for full functionality in the field.

AssessPro - Tablet Edition uses a Tablet PC and displays maps of the downloaded subset of parcels. It is a practical complete solution for mobile data collection.

AssessPro - Tablet Edition allows data collection in the field by loading the database onto a mobile computing device, performing data entry through AssessPro on the tablet, and then copying data from the tablet by syncing it back to the master database using Patriot's Mobile Tool. For a quote on the interface please contact Patriot Marketing.


• Runs with Windows XP Tablet PC edition operating system

• Tablet PC can also be used as desktop computer with the addition of a docking station

• Runs full version of AssessPro and SketchPro. Large, lightweight screens allows for easy sketching

• Data is seamlessly synced when you return from the field. Auditing process allows user to review changes before submitting

• Maximum number of parcels that can be downloaded: approximately 200,000

• Built-in filter allows user to select parcels by any field available in database file

• Downloaded records come in two forms, 'View Only' for downloads that will not be uploaded, and 'Field Work' which will lock a user definable set of screens. Locked screens will be open in the field and locked in the office and vice versa