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CollectPro features a wide variety of advanced capabilities to expedite your billing and collections process. The functionality of allowing a smooth transition from the Assessor’s file to the Billing file is only one example of the features Patriot Properties, Inc. has built into CollectPro. As you will read below, Patriot Properties has managed to integrate all billing modules into one system. Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle, Boat Excise, and Tax Title are all accessible from one main screen. Over the past year we have been working with our clients in Massachusetts to ensure all necessary functionalities exist for them in CollectPro. We have also added some functions that are just nice to have and make the collection process easier for our clients. One of the just nice to have features is a report that clients can run at the end of a calendar year for customers. This report details what the customer has paid in taxes for that particular year, along with the previous year, encompassing two fiscal year bills onto a one page report.

Flexibility and user input are the driving forces behind this product. Our goal is to provide our customers with the ability to create tax bills and perform other functions in an efficient and uncomplicated manner. For example, because CollectPro shares many of the same tables as our AssessPro product, our customers will only need to update address changes once. Whether you are creating semi-annual or quarterly tax bills, the steps required in CollectPro will facilitate the entire process. Our system will reduce billing preparation time, which will allow for faster return of collections. Omitted bills can be created for both preliminary and actual tax bills. There are many standard reports in CollectPro which can be used to balance both daily transactions and receivables.

The same excellent customer service you have become accustomed to receiving with AssessPro is also available with CollectPro. We have a toll free number for support and always a live voice on the other end to help with your questions. Site visits are made frequently and are actually a large part of making this product successful. It is important for us to learn the business practices of our customers so our software can meet your needs.

Real Estate and Personal Property

These two bill types are typically the driving force behind any Billing and Collections package. We have designed our system to handle these bills from one main screen. Once the bill has been created in the Tax Billing Module, the collection process can be handled from the Collections screen. Processing payments, refunds, abatements, transfers, reversals, adjustment, municipal lien certificates, applying fees, and reprinting a bill are all done with the click of an icon. CollectPro also customizes abatement forms and tax bills. If you send your bill file to a third party for printing, we have a standard extract file that includes all information necessary for printing your tax bills.

Separate quarter amounts are shown on the screen as well as fiscal year totals. There is unlimited room for comments and all transaction history is listed at the bottom of the screen.

The following screen-shot displays the Collections screen. The icons across the top allow the user to perform certain functions. The tabs across the bottom of the screen are designated to provide information on that specific topic.

Motor Vehicle and Boat Excise

The functionality for excise tax is the same as it is for Real Estate and Personal Property. Files from the registry are imported into the system in a matter of minutes. Supplemental commitments can be added at any time for the generation of dealer/repair plates or bills which were omitted from the original commitments. Abatements are automatically calculated in CollectPro. The system uses specific dates to determine the amount of the abatement.

Tax Title

Tax Title and Deferred Taxes can also be processed within this application. CollectPro will simplify tax title procedures, from creating subsequents to updating foreclosures. All required letters can be customized and generated as frequently as necessary. There is also a function in CollectPro which checks bills to see if they have been paid before the actual taking occurs. Please note that Patriot Properties, Inc. will add any state required reports at no cost to you, our customer.

Future Updates

We are continuously developing and updating features in CollectPro and are always open to requests from our clients. We are currently working on enhancements that have been requested by our customers to make certain daily functions easier.

General Collection Functions

• This area of CollectPro allows for the easy collection of all bill types and all other functions involved with collections. The following are a few examples of these specific functions: interest will be calculated daily based on the parameters established when the bills were created;

• tax service processing and lockbox postings are available;

• municipal liens are generated in an uncomplicated, effortless manner. All collection functions will have permissions based on department, user, or both. There will be a detailed audit trail of any modifications or additions made in any program. When payments are posted (even partial payments), there will be no doubt as to how the payments should be allocated. Each charge on the bill will be a separate line item. When a mistake is made entering a payment, a simple mouse click is all it will take to remove the un-posted payment and reapply the payment correctly. Miscellaneous receipts will also be processed in the payment area; these could be receipts for municipal lien certificates or other charges which do not have bills associated with them. Other departments that might use miscellaneous cash receipts could have this system installed in their offices so receipts are all flowing through the same system. It is also possible to calculate interest out to a certain date if the customer is requesting a pay-off date.

Utility Billing

This is our latest addition to CollectPro. This module will allow the user to create all utility bills. Depending on the type of meters used within a jurisdiction, CollectPro can read all import files to create the bills. We will work with the specific vendor to make sure the import file contains all of the appropriate information. The capability of liening unpaid utility bills is also available. This process takes place in the Tax Billing Module; it allows the user to select specific bills to be processed. All collection functions remain the same for Utility Bills.

Our goal is to offer you a Collections and Billing Software that includes everything you need, along with other functionalities which will make collecting taxes not so TAXING. Our level of customer support, from site visits to emailing or calling with questions, will be the best you have experienced. CollectPro was written for the Collector and Treasurer. With many years of experience working in and around Collectors/Treasurers offices, we have tried to incorporate all the necessary elements into this software to make things easier and make your office run more efficiently.