AssessPro - Real Estate

AssessPro Highlights

• Easy-to-use Window's-based screens.

• Multiple valuation options: Cost, Market, Income or Override Value are standard options. Marshall-Swift Costing & Multiple Regression using SPSSTM are available additional options.

• Hundreds of reports are delivered with the system. Additionally, custom reports and extracts can be created using Crystal Reports™. The information is at your fingertips in a format you choose with only the data you require.

• Tables are user-definable which allows AssessPro to remain extremely flexible.

• Two public access options, a Counter terminal with a public data screen or WebPro web-enabled public access.

• Software accommodates unlimited numbers of entries in the following areas:

• Sales/transfer history with prior owners and mailing addresses

• Previous assessment history & values - you can compare the current assessed value to any prior stored assessment

• Number of buildings or Land types for a parcel

• Owners

• Special Features and yard items may be entered with independent depreciation, (or linked to the main parcel improvement) grading & quality settings.

• Electronic photographs

• Exemptions

• Many major structural components (exterior walls, interior walls, floor coverings & heating systems) have two entry choices with the corresponding % coverage.

• Fields are included for electric service, insulation, partitioning, foundation types & many other typical construction aspects. All fields are set by the user for influence.

• Sales are automatically linked and summed in the case of multiple parcels transferring under a single deed. This insures that analysis reports display the correct relationship between assessments & sale price.

• Land may be entered in numerous user defined unit types with a three-tiered pricing scheme, base parcel price & an unlimited number of land lines.

• User defined neighborhood codes can influence land, building, yard items, rent & time adjustment factors.

• Each building has an air conditioning and sprinklers field that can be adjusted by % coverage.

• Bathrooms can be listed full, three-quarter or half bath with 2 entry areas for each to help delineate old & new fixtures. Each choice is capable of being independently rated.

• Independent ratings are also available for fireplaces, other fixtures & wood stoves.

• Patriot's SketchPro is at the cutting edge of graphical sketching tools. The sketch has user definable areas and allows for angles, angles on angles and arcs. The graphical sketch is saved in .PCX, .JPG or .BMP file format for an easy transfer to other applications & departments.

• Electronic photographs & images are easily captured & stored as .JPG making them fully portable. The user can store historical documents, numerous photos, spreadsheets, .WAV files & other vital information.

• The income approach is completely table driven. Income & expense forms are generated by type and the field data is entered. After analysis is performed and the resultant tables built, the income approach gains a level of consistency required to produce and defend complex income property valuations.

• AssessPro includes powerful filtering tools to easily identify specific property types or conditions. The filter can be used in data processing, reporting and analysis.

• The Copy Data function allows for batch production of data entry elements.

• Database analysis tools create the ability for "what if?" files. Reports can be built to meet local & state statistical analysis studies.

• AssessPro add-ons include embedded GIS.

• Real Estate links to Personal Property and vice versa.

• Numerous other fields and functions are available and added monthly. Patriot is committed to program changes and additions that will enhance the client workplace.