Patriot Properties' SketchPro graphical sketching program is as flexible as you want it to be. You decide how to label the property including the area designation, perimeter, year built, floor to ceiling height and the percent complete for each individual section of the structure. The system will then calculate the appropriate adjustment to the construction cost. You can even place notes in SketchPro to remind you of particular items or structural highlights. SketchPro allows GPS coordinates to be entered on two vertices so the resultant sketch may be scaled and positioned in a GIS layer.

Residential Type Sketch

Commercial Type Sketch

SketchPro allows you to draw angles, arcs and nearly every geometrical shape you can think of. You measure and draw it; SketchPro calculates it!

Copy, Cut, Paste, and rotate by degrees any selected section or whole sketch. Make a mistake, undo with Cntrl Z