Appraisal Services

Founded in June of 1985 by its corporate officers, each having vast experience in the appraisal and revaluation field, the founders have several business principles to which Patriot Properties continues to adhere. This work ethic separates Patriot Properties from other companies. We commit our most experienced personnel to every phase of the project. Our philosophy results in immediate responses to the Town’s needs, flexibility in meeting requests not clearly identified in the Agreement between the parties, and a closer working arrangement between the Board of Assessors and Corporate Officers of Patriot Properties.

Complete mass appraisal services to local government

  • Full Revaluations

  • Valuation Updates

  • Valuation Consulting

  • Cyclical property Inspections

  • Data Collection Services

  • Photographs

  • Building Permits

  • Commercial Permits

  • Data Entry

  • Table Adjustments

  • Personal Property Data Collection

  • Personal Property New Accounts

  • Personal Property Review

  • Sales Analysis

  • Income &Expense Forms

  • Income &Expense Analysis

  • Certification

  • Field Review Residential

  • Field Review Commercial and Industrial

  • Abatement Consulting

  • Hearings

  • Mailing Services

  • Training


Our client List contains over 230 Assessment Jurisdictions in 17 States. Approximately 145 of those Jurisdictions are in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Although our software applications are widely used, we provide Property Revaluation and Fee Appraisal services focused on Massachusetts. This business strategy allows every one of our Appraisal Staff to stay current with any Department of Revenue regulation changes and update our AssessPRO system accordingly. Any Department of Revenue changes for supporting reports, methodology adjustments or other documentation that must be made for either “Interim Year” or “Triennial Certification” years are made as quickly as possible.

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